DC Retroactive: Batman – The ’70s

Cover for Batman Retroactive - The '70s by Wes Hartman and Tom Mandrake

Cover for Batman Retroactive - The '70s by Wes Hartman and Tom Mandrake (via IGN)

The cover for Batman Retroactive from the 70s (Wes Hartman, Tom Mandrake), a limited series DC Comics will be running this summer with old writers and artists telling “lost tale” of the earlier eras and continuities.

Retroactive, from Retroactive Continuity, is fan parlance for rewriting the history the comics have written thus far.  It is something DC Comics is in dire need of if they are to survive.  Retroactive is part of the DC Comics reboot attempting to reconnect with their past, addressing the massive loss of readers resulting from long-term mishandling of Batman and related characters in time to take advantage of mainstream interest that will be generated by Christopher Nolan’s third and final Batman outing The Dark Knight Rises.

DC’s inability to take advantage of the unprecedented popularity generated by The Dark Knight and its viral in 2008 is widely speculated to have brought about the restructuring which placed the comics division under Warner Bros. control rather than the Time Warner publishing arm. A second failure could well mean a permanent shutdown of print comics, rather than allow the rogue division to go on damaging valuable corporate properties. More »

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