Catwoman / Anne Hathaway Updates from The Dark Knight Rises set, sort of

Anne Hathaway is Catwoman in The Dark Knight RisesA few sites are circulating some quotes from an alleged interview with Anne Hathaway from a Swedish website called Nojes Bladet in which she discusses her role of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, the physical demands and her costume.

These quotes are supposedly “nonsensical” because they’ve been translated from Swedish.  But they sound suspiciously like a costume department quotes from last week’s alleged stuntman accident and “wardrobe malfunction” that might have been translated into Swedish and then back again, so it’s doubtful that Anne Hathaway herself actually figured into the interview.

There certainly isn’t anything new:

“That is when she is asked to compare that role with his next in “The Dark Knight Rises” which she confirms that she accepts cat costume in his first superhero movie.

She is more than well aware that the role involves comparisons with Michelle Pfeiffer , Halle Berry and Eartha Kitt .

“It makes you work harder, I take a chance not that something may work. But there is a certain satisfaction in that, towards the end of the day did everything.”

Reports from the film recording confirms that Anne Hathaway hardly been idle. She is reported to have torn down dozens of Catwoman costumes, and she recognizes that the role has meant a lot of physical training.

“Yes, really.”

But then she looks down at the table and turns on itself. You can tell that she lost weight, but she would not tell you how she trained for the role of Catwoman. “That’s a little embarrassing,” she says, laughing nervously. “It’s a bit personal. I’d rather talk about than acting on my training.”


There IS news from the set, however.  Rumors say “Bale and Hathaway” had a fight.  We hope that means their characters Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in a scripted scene and not the result of Anne crossing into Christian’s eye light.

Twitter’s @jonmillington gets credit for both the observation and the joke.  @KeithBCovington and others cite rumors that Liam Neeson was also spotted on the set, however that has become an addendum on every set-spy rumor, credible and not.  If half were true, he’d be there more than Bale, more than Nolan, arriving before the make-up crew and leaving after the caterers.



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