More Batman than Arkham City on AC artwork

Batman Arham City artwork

Batman Arham City artwork released in yet another grab at the spotlight

Batman: Arkham City is beginning to seem like an insecure child acting out for attention.  The lengthy gameplay preview and live interviews  at E3 drew renewed criticism about Catwoman’s appearance in an unpopular costume, as well as a level of grim and grittiness in the game’s scenario that was “simply preposterous” and “bordered on ridiculous.”

The original game Batman: Arkham Asylum had the Dark Knight battling the Joker in a plausible scenario that the inmates had taken over the asylum.  In Arkham City, prisons and asylums have been abandoned in favor of sectioning off portions of the city to complete lawlessness. “It gets kind of ridiculous,” said one AA fan who said he stopped reading Batman comics when they became that preposterous.

Since the largely positive but measured reaction at E3, Rocksteady released Catwoman wallpaper, then announced that Tim Drake’s Robin would be a player character.  The announcement came in a rushed fashion on their forums rather than in a press release, indicating it might have been announced ahead of schedule.

Now they have followed up that announcement by releasing the cover art for the game.  It really seems like heads were swelled by the unqualified praise for Arkham Asylum and the Rocksteady few got the idea they could do no wrong.

The initial call for fans to tell them “What Arkham City Imagery did you see that made you go WOW!” that brought the first “Epic fail” shock about Catwoman’s costume.

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