Batman: Arkham City announces another playable character

Batman: Arkham City Robin a second player character after Catwoman

Tim Drake's Robin an unlockable player character in Arkham City

Rocksteady has announced that the Tim Drake Robin will be a playable character in the “new and improved challenge mode” in Batman:Arkham City.   Details are promised next week: if he will be a pre-order perk or platform specific the way Joker was in Arkham Asylum.

The lack of details in this pre-announcement hints that the news may have been bumped up because the announcement of Catwoman as a player character the week before E3 drew a lesser reaction than was hoped for.  Her trailer, followed by the gameplay preview at E3 renewed fan grumbles about her appearance, as well as the enhanced darkness of the game’s scenario.  “The first game was set in an asylum, and this is grimmer?” complained one viewer.

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