Brands That Get Their Game On Score Points with Women (via Imagine That)

Batman: Arkham City, the sequel to popular Batman: Arkham Asylum, ran into unexpected resistance when it rolled out Catwoman as a player character in an unpopular goggle costume from comics that fans, particularly female fans, associate with a degrading origin and portrayal of the character.  It’s the kind of stumble games can ill-afford as a three-month analysis of women at NBCU’s Brand Power Index reveals women’s influence is on the rise in the typically male-dominated gaming world.

Historically, once women enter a market, their influence is quickly felt, since their individual discretionary income is typically on par with men’s but their say in expenditures of family’s disposable income is greater.

New York, NY — June 6, 2011 — A three-month analysis of Women At NBCU’s Brand Power Index reveals that brands which embrace gaming score points with women. April results show that from excitement over consoles to buzz around the latest gaming apps, women have entered a space typically dominated by men. “Whereas traditional gaming has been largely driven by male consumers, we are seeing that women increasingly lead social gaming,” said Melissa L … Read More »

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06/13/2011 at 6:07 am

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