Top posts of the week: Anne Hathaway, DC Comics relaunch, Catwoman, Catwoman, and more Catwoman

  1. Arkham City's "appallingly bad" Catwoman "has never looked worse"

    Arkham City's "appallingly bad" Catwoman "has never looked worse"

    Anne Hathaway Coming Back From London TDKR Shoot!

  2. DC Comics relaunch… enough to repair the damage?
  3. Catwoman slow reveal in #thefirerises viral?
  4. Arkham City Epic Fail on Catwoman Costume
  5. Dueling Rumors of Wayne Manor locations in The Dark Knight Rises
  6. #TheFireRises
  7. Anne Hathaway talking Batman…
  8. The Dark Knight Rises production updates
  9. More SWAT, vehicles from The Dark Knight Rises circulate on Twitter
  10. Catwoman in Arkham City: Trailer and Interview

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