Different company doing The Dark Knight Rises viral

So far, all that’s happened is a twitter campaign where the #thefirerises hashtag revealed a picture of Tom Hardy as Bane as it was tweeted.  There is no confirmation that the youtube videos circulating are at all official.  The timing argues against it, since it coincided with DC Comics announcing their Flashpoint reboot and relaunch of all comics titles, and Arkham Asylum releasing a new Catwoman trailer which reveals she will be a playable character.  Professional virals tend to be timed better, when they will not have to compete for the fandom’s attention.

One thing that has been confirmed, 42 Entertainment which orchestrated the I Believe in Harvey Dent campaign for The Dark Knight will not be doing the viral for Christopher Nolan’s third outing The Dark Knight Rises.

While this may not come as a surprise (based on quality and Peter from /Film even mentioning it in a tweet yesterday), we have gotten confirmation from a source that choses to remain anonymous that 42 Entertainment will not being running the viral campaign for Warner Bros.’ The Dark Knight Rises. This will disappoint many fans who followed the viral marketing company’s exquisite execution of the “Why So Serious?” campaign for The Dark Knight. While the reason for the WB not chosing 42E for TDKR is unknown, my source tells me that the individuals who actually worked on the WSS campaign are no longer with 42 Entertainment, so that may have something to do with it.  More


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