DC Comics relaunch… enough to repair the damage?

DC Comics was unable to capitalize on the popularity of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight or the record-breaking viral that proceeded it catapulting interest in Batman to a high unseen since the 1989 Tim Burton.  Fans of the movie who entered comic shops as newcomers were met with long-time readers heading out the door in disgust  with storylines like Batman RIP.

With Nolan’s third and final Batman installment The Dark Knight Rises already lighting up the internet with pre-viral volleys such as #thefirerises campaign to launch the Official Dark Knight Rises website, savvy industry watchers are wondering if DC can redeem itself.  Attention is riveted on Anne Hathaway cast as Catwoman, and DC’s notorious mishandling of that character has been named as one of three episodes* that closed comic shops in the economic downturn.

While it’s too late to save the shops that have closed, DC does seem to have a plan to reboot their universe and relaunch their titles. Bleeding Cool presents Flashpost: The Issue One Renumbering Of The DC Universe.  It remains to be seen if those within the comics bubble are cognizant of the non-reading public who comprise the bulk of movie audiences and how to appeal to them.  (Hint: Bruce Wayne being alive and well and wearing a cape would be a good place to start.)

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