Top posts of the week: Catwoman, #thefirerises and “bane 2011”

  1. Catwoman slow reveal in #thefirerises viral?
  2. #TheFireRises
  3. Comic Con news: Christian Bale meltdown going viral (again) with a twist
  4. Anne Hathaway Coming Back From London TDKR Shoot!
  5. Dark Knight Rises Trailer on Harry Pottery Deathly Hallows 2
  6. Gotham City Imposters roots in The Dark Knight and TDK Viral – sorta
  7. Overheard on the social networks
  8. Tom Hardy Interview #Bane #thedarkknightrises #tdkr
  9. Photos from the London set
  10. TDKR in Scotland
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  1. Bane 2011
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