Tom Hardy Interview #Bane #thedarkknightrises #tdkr

Don’t expect any details of upcoming The Dark Knight Rises in this interview from Lodown Magazine, but Tom Hardy, who will be playing the blockbuster steroid-enhanced Bane, does touch briefly on his body-builders physique in relation to film:

I’d imagine that this has been the optimum your body has been in a film?
TH: Yeah, I was a stone heavier than Bronson and had no fat as well. I was 12 ½ stone when I did Bronson. I probably had a stone of fat on, so this was the biggest I’ve ever been. I was just on chicken and broccoli. To maintain a structure like that, takes a lot of energy and working also takes a lot of energy as well, it tested me tremendously. I was definitely the weakest link on the film for suffering and sniffling. I sniffled a lot on that film.


from Lodown Magazine via Tumblr

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