Catwoman slow reveal in #thefirerises viral?

Sites like Must Use Powers have noticed what may be a new image, possibly a cat’s eye, being slowly revealed in the image of Tom Hardy’s Bane released last week as #thefirerises viral kickoff via Twitter.  None have mentioned that The Dark Knight viral used this technique twice, the initial “See You in December” site beginning with the image of a cat and pumpkin from the cover of Jeph Loeb’s The Long Halloween, on which The Dark Knight was based, and the pumpkin slowly rotting over time to represent a later cover of the same series.  The second launched December 1 with a snow globe that, when “shaken” revealed a picture of Harvey Dent at first, and as the month progressed, the image of Dent faded and the image of Joker took his place.

Survey says, based on past virals, there is a second image coming in.  Is it Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman?

And will it unveil itself naturally or does it take more tweeting of #thefirerises to bring it about?

Check the official Dark Knight Rises website daily to see.

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