Comic Con news: Christian Bale meltdown going viral (again) with a twist

The Dark Knight Rises launched #thefirerises viral the day before a massive weekend on the comic convention scene:  Big Wow Comic Fest in San Jose #bigwowcomicfest, Dallas Comic Con #dallascomiccon #DCC, SpringCon in St. Paul MN, Wizard World Big Apple Comic Con #BACC #bigapplecomiccon and #WizardWorld, and Fanaticon in Ashville NC #fanaticon as well as a con in Puerto Rico and some assorted Horror and Collectibles conventions.

With the two biggest events of the past week being the launch of DC Comics Flashpoint event and The Dark Knight Rises viral, it’s not surprising a mash-up of the two stories drawn from Christian Bale’s notorious on-set rant was a big hit:

The Dark Knight Rises meets Flashpoint

What’s surprising is the way the link skipped from con to con via hashtags. Seems like those tweeting from the con floors receive as well as send, and were quick to pass on a find. Or maybe watching composite feeds like the one at

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