Overheard on the social networks

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a complete lack of understanding as @graemem 5 wishes for Post-FLASHPOINT plans: (via @Newsarama).    Why aren’t writers following Grant Morrison’s lead on Batman?  Because the crap coming out of him and Dini since they took over the Batman titles since Infinite Crisis have closed comic shops.  Places in business for 40 years say Damien Wayne, Catwoman’s baby, and the Peter-MJ split are what drove away their base customers. The ones they could count on month after month.


Don’t forget the bad will they created with RIP. If Time Warner shut down (print) comics completely, nobody will cry for them

there’s maybe 100 fanboys left in the country who would cry. The rest will cheer.

DC and Marvel only cares about the 1 jag off on twitter saying he likes it, not the hundred who drop title after title. real people out of work and they don’t care. so yeah I’ll cheer if it happens to them.


I knew Paul Dini’s name from BTAS so I bought 1 issue he wrote. Gotham Sirens I think. Rubbish. Just because they did something good 10 yrs back doesn’t mean they’re any good now.


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