Anne Hathaway hosting the Oscars was all about Catwoman

Some people wondered what was going on when Anne Hathaway and James Franco were announced to host the 2011 Academy Awards.  Many speculated that it was a way to reach out to the younger audience, which had been increasingly lost as the Academy focused on downer artsy flicks that mass audiences never went to see, or wanted to see.  Popular movies like Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight being excluded from the big awards, apart from the late Heath Ledger’s posthumous win, didn’t help either.

While plausible, the timing hints that the choice of Hathaway at least was more about Nolan’s next Dark Knight movie than his last one.  The Oscars pushed Anne Hathaway to the forefront of the Hollywood community, not just in the US but before a global audience, within days of her being announced to play Catwoman, Selina Kyle, in the third and final Batman outing: The Dark  Knight Rises.  The fact that her future co-star and romantic partner, Christian Bale playing Batman, Bruce Wayne was all but sure to win for Best Supporting Actor didn’t hurt either.

GT collected a number of the commercials and bumpers from Youtube.

Was the hosting gig a triumph?  No.  But it didn’t need to be.  The event wasn’t about locking up a regular gig hosting, or being remembered as a great host.  I


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