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Publication Date: November 2, 2010

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One of the most successful and popular artists to work in comics, Jim Lee is revered by fans worldwide thanks to his hyper-dynamic artwork and innovative character and costume design.

Now, his work on Batman and Superman — not to mention his legion of WildStorm heroes including WildC.A.T.s, Divine Right and Deathblow — is celebrated in this beautiful hardback, which includes an exclusive interview with Jim Lee, a tour of his studio and hundreds of full-colour illustrations and pencils spanning his entire career!

Plus an all-new cover by Lee and an exclusive, all-new eight-page comic strip, written by Paul Levitz (Legion of Super-Heroes) with art by Lee!

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An actual artist
Suckers posting those horrid pictures of Adam Hughes Catwoman all over the internet should be sat down and forced to read this book until their eyes bleed.  Jim Lee is truly the last best hope for DC Comics and a rediscovery of the real Icons of the Superhero World.

Not really a comic fan, but a HUGE art fan!
The DC Comics & Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee (Hardcover)
I first saw one of Jim Lee’s images on a web search engine ages ago. Only recently did I discover his art was in comic books. As an enormous fan of drawing I immediately purchased some of the comics he has illustrated and finally picked this up. It is truly an astonishing collection and for the closet artist who loves graphite, charcoal, ink or has struggled with depth perception and light/shadow this is an excellent learning tool. It gives an extraordinary peak at how the final products evolve from rough sketches and I frankly am absorbing new tricks with each page I study. You don’t have to be a comics fan to appreciate the talent of Jim Lee and his artistic team.


Jim Lee is a Korean-American comic book artist, writer, editor and publisher. He first broke into the industry in 1987 as an artist for Marvel Comics, illustrating titles such as Alpha Flight and Punisher War Journal, before gaining a great deal of popularity on The Uncanny X-Men. X-Men #1, the 1991 spinoff series premiere that Lee penciled and co-wrote with Chris Claremont, remains the best-selling comic book of all time, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

In 1992 Lee and several other artists formed their own publishing company, Image Comics, to publish their creator-owned titles, with Lee publishing his titles through his studio, Wildstorm Productions, such as WildC.A.T.s and Gen¹³. Eschewing the role of publisher in order to return to illustration, Lee sold Wildstorm in 1998 to DC Comics, where he continued to run Wildstorm as a DC imprint until DC ended Wildstorm in 2010, as well as illustrating successful books set in DC’s main fictional universe, such as the year-long “Batman: Hush” and “Superman: For Tomorrow” storylines.

On February 18, 2010, Jim Lee was announced as the new Co-Publisher of DC Comics, replacing Paul Levitz in an attempt by Time Warner to salvage the troubled comics division which had been alienating fans with increasingly troubling reinventions and mishandling of iconic characters such as Batman, Catwoman, Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman, in stunts that could not even be called storylines that seemed to have no purpose but to disappoint, anger and offend.

Lee has received a Harvey Award, Inkpot Award and three Wizard Fan Awards in recognition for his work.


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